Children's Book
Referring to Book (10pts)
Children’s Book Format (20pts)
Neatness (10pts)
Mechanics (20pts)
Illustrations (20pts)
Rough Draft and Final Draft (20pts)

Choose your favorite children's book with pictures. We will rewrite them as a parody. Endings to choose from:
Loop Ending: ends at the same place it begins. ex: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
Surprise Ending: not an accident but is planned by a skillful writer. You can trace the clues by re-reading the story and looking for clues the writer planned. For example, a good mystery story must have a surprise ending but you have to have a clue about the villain or the reader will feel tricked. ex: Her Majesty, Aunt Essie.
Summary Ending: And to round off tonight's newscast, here are the highlights once again. It repeats the main points of the story trying to tie together any loose ends. Ex: Green Eggs and Ham
The Happy Ending: most fairy tales have a happy ending. Think moral.
Mysterious Ending: leaves a lot to the reader's imagination. It leaves a big question mark. ex: The Giver
The Sad But True Ending: When we read that Charlotte dies at the end of Charlotte's Web we are sad. But it has to end that way. Try saving Charlotte and the story loses its power. It becomes a lie. ex: A Bridge To Teribithia, Where The Red Fern Grows, and Blackberries

We will work on this in class and create a small book. Pictures must accompany your book; drawings, painting, magazine cut-outs, computer clips, etc.