Literature Essay Rubric

Content: 35 points

A clearly stated thesis that expresses an opinion, well supported by body paragraphs/main ideas that are fully developed with specific details and examples. Textual evidence from literary work(s) supports and explains main ideas. Mere summarization is avoided. An introduction that sets the tone for the essay and grabs the reader’s attention and a creative conclusion that sums up the overall main point.

Organization: 15 points

Paragraphs are coherent and logically ordered, and transitions, where needed, move the reader smoothly from sentence to sentence, and from paragraph to paragraph.

Style: 10 points

Carefully constructed sentences that are clear, specific, and concise.
Appropriate tone; precise and vivid words and phrases.

Grammar: 15 points

Effective punctuation, correct spelling and sentence structure. Adherence to format
(essay layout).

Revising: 15 points

Revising not only those areas pointed out by the instructor, but addressing vigorous revision to all areas of the essay rubric. Basically, making the essay your own.

Technical Aspects: 10 points

Proper reference to title of work(s) and author; correct quoting format.