Qualities of an Effective Book Review

Content 80 points (5 pts each)
  1. First-person voice
  2. A plot summary that doesn’t reveal too much (i.e. the ending) and tells just enough for a reader to decide if it’s the kind of book he or she likes; an invitation or hint to things to come
  3. Quotes from the book that reveals character, plot, or theme.
  4. A brief description of main characters
  5. Where and when the story is set
  6. What genre it is
  7. Descriptions of good things the author did (e.g., flashbacks, realistic details, fast pace, hopeful ending etc.)
  8. A description of the problem or theme
  9. How the book fits in a larger context-political, historical, social
  10. A suggestion of who would like the book and why
  11. Comparisons with other books and genres
  12. What’s different about this book, contrasting it with others of the same genre
  13. Comparisons with works by other authors
  14. Comments about the author’s style or use of language, metaphors, etc.
  15. The reviewer’s feelings about the book: his or her specific reactions
  16. A grabbing lead and emphatic conclusion

Format 10 points
  • Typed
  • Double spaced
  • Title for book review
  • Proper heading
  • 12 font /Times New Roman

Focus, Organization, Support, and Use of Conventions 10 points
  • The writing is strongly focused and shows fresh insight into the writing task.
  • The writing is marked by a sense of completeness and coherence and is organized with a logical progression of ideas.
  • A main idea is fully developed, and support is specific and substantial.
  • Sentence structure is varied, and writing is free of all but purposefully used fragments.
  • Virtually no errors in writing conventions appear.