9th Grade Action English
Instructor: Aaron Williams
Tutoring Hours: 12:25-1:45 or 4:15-5:30 Wednesday (By Appointment only)
Contact Time: 12:25-1:45 Monday-Thursday or by email
E-mail Address: Aaron.Williams@craven.k12.nc.us

Tests 25% of Grade
You will be tested on themes and ideas in literature/theatre that we cover in class. Tests can also be a major project that is presented. Corrections are allowed for certain assignments. It is due three days from the date given back. A parent signature must follow. All items must be correct (certain subjects may require explanations and/or page numbers where the answers were found). Corrections should be done on a separate word document and attached to the original test.

Quizzes 15% of Grade
There will be quizzes from time to time based on acting, readings in the text, grammar, or vocabulary. If you are absent or late on a day when an unannounced quiz is given, then you may make it up the following class day. Corrections are allowed (follow test guidelines).

Prepwork 10% of Grade
All class work will turn into homework if more time is needed. If you are absent on a day when an assignment is due then you must turn it in within three days. 10 points will be taken off each day the assignment is late.

Projects/Papers 30% of Grade
Project-based assignments give students the opportunities to work creatively, to exercise that part of the mind so necessary for problem-solving, conflict resolution, and the ability to face the challenges of an increasingly complex world. In project-based learning they will master research, active learning, life skills, collegiality, arts education, and encouragement. Kagan Cooperative Learning will play a major role in a majority of the Action English activities. Corrections are allowed (follow test guidelines).

Participation 20% of Grade
Class participation in Action English is a must to learn the proper skills in English and Theatre. Cooperative learning will be a majority of the participation grade. Although it is cooperative learning it is an individual grade. An extra credit coupon may be added to raise the grade.

Extra Learning Opportunities
You will receive extra credit for getting involved in community activities. You will earn three coupons that are worth 10-15 points each to add to a project, test, quiz, prepwork, or participation grade (only one per assignment). Activities may include one cultural event, such as a play, musical concert, art gallery, dance performance, a reading by an author, or any other major event in the community. If unsure, please check with me before you go to the event. If you neglect to check with me, I cannot guarantee that you will receive the extra credit coupons.

You will need to provide some type of proof, such as a ticket stub or a program, and if and only if neither is available, write on a slip of paper the name, date, time and location of the event, followed by a parent/guardian signature. Also, you must type a half-page, single-spaced, Times Roman Numeral article describing the event and your feelings about it. There will be other extra credit opportunities to enrich your learning throughout the year. I will announce them as time goes on. Please, do not ask for any other extra credit work because I will not grant it.

Discipline Code (9 weeks)
1-5 marks = Satisfactory
6-8 marks = Needs Improvement
9+ marks = Unsatisfactory